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 Simon Seeks

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PostSubject: Simon Seeks   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:39 pm

I thought I would share my experience of Simon Seeks. This is a travel site that I saw reviewed on dooyoo a few weeks ago.

It got one star from the reviewer, who said that two weeks after submitting a review, it was rejected with no explanation as to why and although he tried to find out why he still did not hear anything. I PM'd him yesterday and he is still waiting for feedback.

Sooo anyways I posted two travel reviews, one of them three weeks ago and the other a couple of days later. I have still not heard a peep out of Simonseeks one way or another and have chased them up twice now; they don't answer emails. There does not seem to be any way of closing my account either which I am especially annoyed about as although they ask for a username they actually publish under you real name. I am not on the run or anything, but that annoys me.

They do indicate there could be up to a two week wait for reviews to be looked at, but mine is three weeks now and I have seen loads of reviews published that were submitted much later than mine.

They seem to be only interested in reviews written by celebrities (Cliff Richard is clearly not encountering the same problems as me for example) or travel professionals. Maybe one or two of the top dooyoo travel writers will cut the mustard, but probably one to avoid for most of us peeps..
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PostSubject: Re: Simon Seeks   Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:52 pm

I dont think I will attempt this - working in the travel industry I really do not want my own full name out there if it is outwith my control. In hindsight I would have chosen a different name for dooyoo, ah well..I have removed myself from tripadvisor as that is the one hoteliers live and die by - and indeed most consumers I guess, as it is by far the best.
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Simon Seeks
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